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Maintenance, Duomatic R2110 and Automatic
Some simple services to keeps the hub at running...

Readjusting the bearings.

Automatic-Hub a2110 Lock nuts
If, after a certain period of service, the rearwheel has to much sideplay,
the bearing need readjustment.
After having removed the rear wheel from the frame,
readjustment can only be done on the side opposite to the sprocket.
The fixed cone on the sprocket side must never be slackened.
Slacken both counter-nuts ( brake-side, pic up ) from each other
and tighten the lock nut ( 1 ) slightly until there is no more clearance of the spindle.
Then given this nut approximately 1/5 turn back, hold it in this position
and tighten the lock nut ( 2 ) well against it.

Fichtel and Sachs Spanner

You dont need a Fichtel-Sachs-Spanner.
Use alternativ a "hook spanner with nose end" DIN 1810A.

Open the hub, service the axle / spindle.

Duomatic service the axle
Open the hub from the brakeside.
Slacken the counter-nuts from each other and take both from the axle.
The lever cone (Ill. No. 9 of the spare parts list ) can now be lifted off with the brake arm and dust cover.
Now take the complete hub in you hand.
Pull the axle at the driving side out of the hub.
Do not dismantling the complete hub.
The left spindle up is garbage. But not the cone!
The spindle at the middle is "second hand" and in good conditions.
Apply grease to the spindle like at the right side.
Push the spindle into the hub and finish the work.
Read up "readjusting the bearings".

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