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Bike-barn and shipment

One-man business, all hand-made, webside and refurbished hubs and bikes, wheelbuilding.
Worldwide shipment, please ask for the complete price (parts, work, shipping).

When ordering bikes, hubs or parts, please include:
1) The model and the year, ask with:

If you need spares, please include:
2) The part number(s) from the parts list NOTE please, NOT all is available, but try and ask for it.
3) The number of parts you need
4) The country you are in so that I can tell you how much the shipping will cost, ask with:

If you are happy with the quote and decide to order the parts,
please send me a 2nd E-mail to place your order and please include your COMPLETE postal adress.
And also a phonenumber for the adresslabel from DHL.

Please pay the Bike Barn for your order by PayPal Thank you!

Once your payment has be confirmed, your order will be sent to you by DHL .
I prefer to send by DHL as that way there are fewer problems and the delivery can be tracked.
When the parts arrive, please let me know. Thanks!

Please contact me here:


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