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How to date a hub.

Sachs Schweinfurt
The Schweinfurt factory in 1965, when "Made in Germany" was stamped on the brake arm.

Two 3-speed, 515 model brake levers.
The upper hub was made between 1961 & 1966.
After 1966, brake arms no longer have "Made in Germany" stamped on them.

When you order parts, you will need to check the stamp on the hub-shell.

A Duomatic 102 hub shell, marked "O" for 1971.
( 36 refers to the number of spoke holes )

On hubs made from 1903 to 1919, you will find a number for the year only on the parts.

On hubs made from 1920 to 1957, you will find a number for the year on the hub-shell.

On hubs made from 1958 to 1974, you will find a letter for the year on the hub-shell.
A = 1958, B = 1959, ( "I" and "Q" are not used )
In 1982, they went back to 'A' again.
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On hubs made from 1975 to 1989, you will find 2 letters on the brake lever.
The one above is for the month.
The one below (important) is for the year.

Sachs 70 years